Our white wines

The Alpine landscape and Mediterranean influences, coupled with our vision and passion, allow us to cultivate our distinctive wines. Balanced wines can only be produced from grapes that are meticulously tended, free from stress, well aired and moderately exposed to sunlight. We rely on our experience and intuition and attach great importance to a consistent yield, from pruning the vines and training the shoots to reducing the grape bunches, thinning the plants and trimming the leaves by hand. We determine the date of the harvest by tasting the grapes: we trust in our unerring sense of quality and authenticity.



Description: Grüner Veltliner is a rarity in South Tyrol, found only in the Eisack Valley. This grape is grown in the southernmost locations of our wine estate. The special soil conditions produce a particularly minerally, well-structured wine, rich in finesse. A sparklingly straw-yellow wine with olive tones that has a fruity scent with a peppery note, and is fresh and juicy in taste.




Description: Gewürztraminer is an indigenous South Tyrolean variety. Its bright straw-yellow colour with pale green reflexes and its fruity, tangy fragrance makes it one of the most popular white wines of our land. Its taste has a pleasant fullness, with a good sugar-acid balance, and it develops fine mineral notes thanks to the calcareous, clayey and sandy soil.




Description: Weissburgunder is one of South Tyrol’s leading white varieties and is also grown in the southernmost reaches of the Eisack Valley. The fruity scent of apple and ripe pear also reveals delicate camomile flavours and creamy nuances. This intensively straw-yellow wine has a refreshing acidity of taste and a balanced, attractive fullness. The sandy marl soil gives it a mineral note.




Description: this very old grape variety from France has been grown in South Tyrol since the end of the 19th century and is enjoying an ever-increasing popularity. The white wine has a crisp acidity paired with a fruity, tangy taste. It has gooseberry and elderflower scents, is straw-yellow in colour and has a delicate green tone. The spare, stony gravel-marl soil also gives the wine its minerally, salty note.


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